HarvestBots are small electronic devices equipped with sensors that when deployed in your garden monitors the vitals, communicates the information back to the cloud and allows you to automate equipment based on real-time data. Each unit has specialized functionality which gives it the versatility to be used in large commercial indoor operations as well as small personal gardens.


HarvestBot was designed with two things in mind. Ease of use and scalability. No two farms are identical and we took this into considering when we built HarvestBot. The system can be individualized to suit the needs of the farms. It can be expanded with our simple one click installation process. The HarvestBot line has four types of stations. Each remote station is powered by 5v miniUSB and communicates wirelessly.


BaseStation acts as a gateway to the Internet, handling the back and forth wireless communication between the remote stations before uploading it to HarvestGeek. The BaseStation is wired for Ethernet and plugs directly into an open port on your router. Once deployed it has a communication range of about 80m to the remote stations. Remote nodes can be added or removed at any time. Once deployed you can use the configuration wizard on HarvestGeek to associate with your stations.


SensorStation and SensorStation+ are the meat and potatoes of HarvestBot. SensorStations are powered by miniUSB. It is waterproof(though don't submerge the unit itself!) and measures Air temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity(LUX) and a removable probe for measuring soil moisture.


SensorStation+ is the advanced version of a SensorStation. Each of the sensors on this station have been upgraded for accuracy and precision for the serious grower. It also is equipped with a CO2 sensor.


The HydroStation is a tailored specifically towards hydroponic growers. It comes with lab grade pH and TDS/EC sensors. The sensors are detachable and replaceable, using standard connectors. Both are highly accurate and temperature compensated. They have been precalibrated and should only need recalibration every year or so.


The AutomationStation is what controls your electrical devices. Able to control four devices independently by setting up smart switches in the web interface. Smart switches can function in two ways. They can function as a traditional timer which switches based on predefined schedule, or like a thermostat which switches based on sensor readings. Each outlet is rated for 15A.