Brains For Your Garden
Monitor your garden's conditions in real-time
Automate and control equipment remotely
Set custom alerts via SMS, E-Mail or Twitter
Compare your results and learn from others
Bottom Line? We improve your yield

How's it work?

HarvestBots are small electronic devices equipped with sensors that when deployed in your garden monitors the vitals, communicates the information back to the cloud and allows you to automate equipment based on real-time data. Each unit has specialized functionality which gives it the versatility to be used in large commercial indoor operations as well as small personal gardens. Learn more..


Record environment conditions
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Luminosity
  • Soil Moisture
  • CO2
  • Water Temperature
  • pH
  • PPM
Keeping conditions properly regulated is the key to explosive plant growth and higher overall yield.


  • Monitor conditions remotely and in real-time

  • Correct problems before they can do damage

  • Keep a detailed log of plant conditions for later review

  • Make smarter decisions for your next grow


  • Customize alerts for when your attention is required

  • Replace traditional standalone timers

  • Control grow room equipment remotely

  • Automate greenhouse operation

HarvestGeek is building a comprehensive set of resources for the modern cash crop farmer. You'll be presented with detailed analysis of your grow and powerful tools to explore this data to help better understand what stimuli your plants respond to best. We think there is a lot to learn by looking at previous grows. Imagine if we could choose to share this data with other famers growing identical crops. What patterns will we start to see emerge and how can we use this information to grow the highest quality and most productive plants?